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[Solved]How to Recover Deleted WeChat Chat History on Android

In the past, swiping left on the WeChat chat box and clicking "Delete" would delete the dialog box directly, and all the chat records between you and this person would also be deleted. So it is easy to delete WeChat chat history by mistake. Now swiping to the left has added a feature: Do not display the chat, that is, the chat between you and your friend will not be displayed in the list if you click on it, but when you click on the person's profile and reopen the dialog, your chat history is still there.

So, when you delete your WeChat chat history with others by mistake, or you want to delete it at the time, but later regret it and find that the chat history is still useful, can you restore the chat? How to restore WeChat chat history? No worry, this tutorial will tell you 3 methods to recover the deleted WeChat chat history on Android devices.

Part 1. Where is your WeChat history saved?

Before we get started, you need to know that where is your WeChat history saved on your Android device. Tencent (Chinese tech gaint, WeChat's publisher) claims that WeChat was designed with your privacy and safety so that they does not save your chat log on WeChat servers, which ensures that only you and your friend (recipient) can view the conversations. So your WeChat history is only saved on your smartphone, instead of the servers. You should keep in mind that if you deleted the chat manually and overwrite it, then it's unlikely to recover the chat history. However, there are still some options we can try.

Part 2. Recover the deteled WeChat history on Android device?

Method 1. WeChat repair tool that comes with WeChat.

If the WeChat chat history is lost due to the failure of WeChat itself or other bugs, you can use the WeChat build-in repair tool to retrieve it. The method is very simple:

  • Open WeChat, directly search for WeChat Repair Tool in the search box.
  • Click it, select Fault Repair, Chat History.
  • And select OK in the pop-up prompt box.

Note that this method is generally only applicable to the loss of WeChat chat records caused by the failure of WeChat itself or other problems. If you take the initiative to click to delete the WeChat chat records yourself, it is generally unlikely that they will be recovered.

Method 2. Restore from WeChat Backup.

If you have backed up your phone or WeChat chat history before, you can choose to restore the deleted chat history from the backup. For example, some people have a good habit of regularly backing up the data for the entire mobile phone. Then you can restore WeChat chat history from these backups. Note that the data in the phone will be overwritten when restoring. If you are using an Android phone and have also backed up, it depends on whether your backup contains WeChat data.

In addition, whether it is an Android mobile phone or an Apple mobile phone, WeChat chat records can be backed up on the computer side of WeChat. If you have backed up the chat history with WeChat computer, then you can restore the deleted chat history from this backup. Steps as below:

  • Open WeChat computer;
  • Click More in the lower left corner (the sign with three horizontal lines);
  • Select Backup and Restore, and restore chat history to your phone.

Method 3. Third-party software (Paid)

If you have deleted chat data and haven't backed it up, is there any way to do it? There are some services on the net that specialize in data recovery. You can find a lot of such software on Google, and they advertise that they can recover deleted WeChat chat history.

But to be honest, these software may need to be paid, and the possibility of being able to retrieve them is very small. Therefore, it is not recommended for you to use it. If you have the following three situations, you can have a try on them:

  • Your WeChat chat history has just been deleted;
  • The data is not overwritten;
  • You really need this chat history, and don't mind spending a little money.

These software need to be operated on the computer, that is, connect your Android phone to the computer with a data cable, and then open the software to scan your Android device to see if you can retrieve the chat history. If you are lucky enough to get your chat history back, it can't be restored to your Android phone, it's just saved as a text.


In general, you will find that it is very difficult to retrieve deleted WeChat chat history without backup. Therefore, if your chat history is so important, or you value your chat history more, it is recommended to use the WeChat for PC to back it up regularly. The method is very simple, open WeChat on your mobile phone, click Me > Settings > General > Chat History Backup and migration backup chat history to computer.

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